At Journuit we aim for the sweet spot between high quality and affordability; between beautiful design and ultimate comfort. We are challenging the status quo every single day, to produce amazing products that remain affordable.

That is why we don’t open up our own flagship stores or go through traditional retail channels to introduce our sofas to you, but instead look for new and exciting places to make them accessible. You might have to drive a little further to see your favourite model up close, but meanwhile you’ll discover a cool and inspiring place, so really, what’s not to like about that?


Fosbury & Sons

Brand new co-working concept Fosbury & Sons represents a different way of working.The communal spaces where members can meet, brainstorm and work are decorated in a homely and cosy way that allows inspiration to flow freely. Even though it is members-only, Fosbury & Sons welcomes everyone who wants to drop by to take a look at our Journuit sofa's!

Journuit sofas to discover there: Pillow Talk in 'Pine', Utilitarian in 'Dune' and Cozy Island in 'Caramel'.

Fosbury & Sons
Mechelsesteenweg 271
2018 Antwerp
Open: Mon - Fri from 8.30 am till 5 pm

Cafuné Espresso Bar

Cafuné is Portuguese for ‘the act of running your fingers through your lover’s hair’, and a visit to this coffee bar feels quite alike. Cafuné hasn’t been around for long, but the place has already proven its value in the coffee scene of Bruges. Which can be explained by their aim for high quality; the coffee is roasted in Belgium; the cakes are homemade and the charming hosts Elliott and Maaike serve you with a smile. If those reasons don’t persuade you to pay them a visit, the following reason might will: as from now on, it’s also possible to enjoy your daily espresso, cortado or latte macchiato in a Journuit sofa over there!

Journuit sofas to discover there: Utilitarian in 'Pine'

Cafuné Espresso Bar
Academiestraat 8
8000 Bruges
Open: Mon - Fri, 8.30 am till 5.30 pm
Sat - Sun, 9 am till 6 pm – 18u
Closed on Tuesday



Tarterie is probably the most dangerous location to test a Journuit sofa – when you’re watching your figure, at least – because they serve the most delicious artisan cakes and quiches, which they prepare in front of you in their open atelier. Coffee, cake and a cozy corner always combine well, so we’re sure our comfy sofa set will undoubtedly turn into the silent witness of all the amazing stories shared over coffee and cake.

Journuit sofas to discover there: Pillow Talk in 'Ocean' and 'Pond'

Grote Markt 44
8570 Courtray
Tel: 0032 478 82 51 30
Open: Mon, 7 am – 5 pm / Wed - Sun, 9 am – 6 pm


Fanny Leenknecht is the leading lady behind this Instagram- worthy coffee bar in Kortrijk, and shares her love for black gold with everyone who’s interested in it. Fear not when you mistake Fanny’s for a real-life jungle; there’s an abundance of tropical plants, but luckily no wild animals! De homey vibe and extraordinary touches have made this place a favourite amongst the inhabitants of Kortrijk; the large terrace overlooking the river Lys can be hold accountable for that, too.

Journuit sofas to discover there: Utilitarian in 'Pine'

Diksmuidekaai 2
8500 Courtray
Tel: 0032 485 63 95 14
Open: Mon - Sun, 9 am – 19 pm


Madam Bakster

Madam Bakster is the guilt-free bakery of Laura Verhulst, a young entrepreneur from Ghent who always loved food, but maintained a complex relationship with it ever since she lost weight during her teenage years. As she was so upset she couldn’t unite sugary pastries with a healthy lifestyle, she decided to do things a little differently by rethinking traditional recipes and coming up with healthy alternatives. At Madam Bakster, she shows the world that enjoying cake or dessert can be a guilt free experience, and that there are loads of possibilities without adding sugar, eggs or lactose in the mix. “A healthy diet shouldn’t be a punishment, but a lifestyle.” Amen to that, Laura!

Journuit sofa's to discover here: Utilitarian in 'Pistachio'

Madam Bakster
Brabantdam 142
9000 Ghent
Open: Wed-Sun, 10 am – 6 pm



Noordoever offers an innovative and easy way to grab a bite in Leuven’s up and coming and former industrial neighbourhoods: the Vaartkom. Everything’s vegetarian or vegan, and they use as many organic and local ingredients as possible. As they work together with different harvest gardens, they have to work with whatever ingredients are in season. The result is often surprising, and always tasteful.

Journuit sofa's to discover here: Pillow Talk in 'Cardamom' en 'Rock', Utilitarian in 'Lead' en Cozy Island in 'Coriander'

Vaartkom 17A
3000, Leuven
Tel: 0032 16 29 04 70
Open: Mon-Sat, 10 am – 11 pm

Muntpunt Grand Café

The café in Muntpunt, the library of Brussels, is currently undergoing a major transformation. New owners Pieter Bonte and Sem Vandekerckhove, are going back to the roots and doing everything they can to promote Muntpunt Grand Café as a cultural haven in the heart of the city. “The library offers the habitants of Brussels a treasure chest of music, movies and books, and we want to encourage the library-visitors to directly utilize what they’ve borrowed, while enjoying a strong cup of coffee or a Belgian-brewed beer”, says Bonte. Muntpunt Grand Café provides a wide range of warm and cold drinks, as well as small homemade dishes. The best news? As of recently, you can enjoy your book, drink and dish in one of the Journuit’s one-seats! Because there’s truly no better feeling to get your daily dose of culture in a soft and comfortable sofa, right?

Journuit sofas to discover here: Cosy Island in 'Fern' and Pillow Talk in 'Lake'

Muntpunt Grand Café
Léopoldstraat 2
1000 Brussels
Tel.: 0032 2 217 13 69
Open: Mon - Fri, 9 am – 11 pm / Sa, 10 am - 1 am


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