Privacy policy


To enable the Journuit website to function in the best way possible, we gather some information about our visitors. Below, we explain exactly which information this concerns and how we use it. Use of our website implies that you accept the conditions outlined below from the moment you start browsing the Journuit site.


When you register for our newsletter, we will use your email address to keep you informed about new collections and interesting offers through short, inspiring newsletters. We pledge that we won’t email you too often, and that are newsletters will be worth reading. Because life is too short for spam! In addition, you can at any time decide to stop receiving our newsletters: underneath every one, you will find a link that will easily let you unsubscribe, and you can also do that via the website.

About those cookies

The day we discover how we can send you virtual cookies, we will definitely do that! In the meantime, we will stick to placing cookies on the device you use to visit our site. Cookies are sugar-free text files that are downloaded on your device, and that tell us things like how many people visited our site, which pages they looked at and for how long. Journuit uses Google Analytics to discover how we can further improve our site, and how we can make your browsing experience better and more personal. The information we receive via the cookies is completely anonymous and you can always remove or turn off cookies manually.

Between you and us

The information that we gather about you on our website, is only used to generate analytical information, to contact you at your own request (for instance when you sign up to our wonderful newsletter), or to process your purchase. We will never allow your information to be shared with or sold to third parties unless we are demanded to do so by law. We also reserve the right to share information with the authorities or the law in the event of an investigation in which Journuit, one of our customers or you could be held liable.

When you buy an item of furniture through our website, we will need specific information from you such as invoice address, delivery address, contact information and payment details. Furthermore, we gather information about you when you contact our customer service or when furniture is delivered to you. All this information is treated confidentially and is aimed at providing you with the best information possible. It will only be shared with other parties who are needed to support our business such as IT services or logistics partners.

Does everyone feel safe?

To be serious for a moment: We are very concerned about the security of our site and of your personal data. Because of this, we take every precaution deemed necessary by the market standards for a secure exchange and collection of information, and every Journuit employee is briefed about the importance of the security and privacy of our visitors and customers. However, we cannot be held responsible for damage that is caused by or through third parties. For this reason, always remember to log out when you visit our site on a computer that is accessible to others.

In the future

In the event that we every make changes to this privacy policy, these will only apply to the information collected after the date that these amendments have been published on our website.

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