Pillow talk

‘Pillow Talk’ is one of our favourite old-school romantic comedies from Hollywood. It was our source of inspiration to create a sofa that is the perfect backdrop for romantic moments, thanks to its soft and feminine look and feel.

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We are big fans of industrially inspired interiors, but are not prepared to compromise on comfort. Therefore, we took on the challenge to design a seat that looks tough and robust, but at the same time is comfortable and cosy.

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Cozy Island

Do you sometimes dream about not leaving your sofa all day? With this fantasy firmly in our minds, we designed the ultimate comfort seat: nice and deep, with wonderfully soft cushions and arm rests that invite you to linger in comfort.


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For our fabric and leather collections we searched the globe for more than 100 different colour and texture combinations, so there will be something for everyone no matter what your style is!

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